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Unformatted text preview: MKTG 301 :Ms. Coupland 27th September 2011 Quote of the day : “If you have a body, you are an athlete.” (Nike’s Mission Statement) It is the matching of the microenvironment (internal factors) with that of the macro ­ environment (external factors). A mission statement is the statement of an organization’s purpose. It is a very important aspect of any company in guiding light to its objectives. It has a strong impact on the business, its employees, customers and stakeholders. Examples of mission statements: Nike’s commercial : Under Armour’s commercial: Where Nike stresses on diversity, Under Armour sponsors all Ameican sports and shows people who are in high intense situations. Clicker Question: googles mission statements do they connect/4924/ Q) Which mission statement is better? A) Yahoo B) Google Answer : Google Target’s commercial : Walmart’s commercial : Target focuses on the shopping experience. “The Duty and fun approach” Question Marks try to grow into stars. Stars with time become cash cows and then exit when they become dogs. This matrix was created by Boston Consulting Group. Coke ­ Cash cow Coke Zero ­ Question Mark Coke Cherry ­ Star New Coke ­ Dog Clicker Question: Q)According to the BCG Matrix, Disney movies are considered a A)Cash Cow B)Question Mark C)Star D) Dog Answer: Dog. Movies are not considered to grow at all. ...
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