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Unformatted text preview: BAJAJ MKTG 301 : Ms. Jennifer Coupland September 13th,2011 Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg Quote from the Martha Stewart‘s show: “Now you know,in your world, you might say, ‘Hey, for sure!’ Now you can say ‘fo shizzle.’”. –Snoop Dogg Comment: Example of subculture; Consumer behavior doesn’t happen in a black box. People come from different households, subcultures: the town you came from (rural or urban), family you grew up in, racial background, gender, income class etc. There are various factors that influence who you’re. Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg both come from different backgrounds. Martha Stewart grew up on a farm on the east coast. She seems very home ­oriented clearly in contrast to Snoop Dogg. Marketing experts understand the diversity in consumers and expect different consumer behaviors. REVIEW OF HOMEWORK Q1) Which of the following is consistent with the marketing philosophy? A) “We don’t have a marketing department, we have a customer department.” B) “We’re in the business of making and selling superior products.” C) “You won’t find a better deal anywhere.” D) “Our products are cheap and available everywhere.” E) “We make it and people will buy it.” Ans: A Explanation: Marketing is about customers and customer value. According to the definition, marketing is “the process by which companies create value for customers BAJAJ 2 and build strong customer relationships in order to capture value from customers in return.” (Armstrong and Kotler) Southwest Airlines follows this motto. Other options: They deal with other concepts: product concept, production concepts. “We’re in the business of making and selling superior products.” – Product concept “You won’t find a better deal anywhere.” –Product concept “Our products are cheap and available everywhere.” –Selling concept “We make it and people will buy it.” – Production Q2) Burger King is known as “Home of the Whopper”, because it’s the only restaurant to offer the uniquely flame broiled, manly Whopper burger. This is an example of the company’s A) B) C) D) E) exclusive focus on the production concept competitive advantage local public marketing myopia all of the above Answer: B Explanation: Focused on the needs of the customers, unique to the company Gives you the slogan, Nike ­ “Just do it” , the idea of achievement for everyone, Under Armour ­ Intensity and performance standards. Other options: Doesn’t focus entirely on the manufacturing process, considers the needs of the people. It has nothing to do with local public, doesn’t address the public. Marketing myopia is about being narrow ­not considering the needs of the customers. Burger King does consider the need that’s why it’s a successful company. Q3) The new James Bind movie appeals to many people, including Generation X. Given your knowledge of Generation X, which aspect of the movie’s marketing is most likely to appeal to that generation in particular. A) older celebrities at the movie premiere who look young, active and fit. B) the hype and advertising surrounding the movie BAJAJ 3 C) movie tie ins with Axe body spray( a product intended for young men to attract as many women as possible) D) proceeds from the movie donated to international relief organizations E) sales promotions sent through text messages Answer: D Explanation: For Generation Y ­ (E) Generation X is not sure about marketing. They are very responsible. They are skeptic about things. They feel responsible to the environment. For baby ­boomers ­(A) Q4)Match the research contact methods with their characteristics: A. Mail B. Personal interview C. Phone 1) Highly flexible but high cost per respondent  B (Personal interview) 2) Collect data quickly but response rate is usually very low C (Phone) 3) Collect large amounts of information at low cost per respondent A (Mail) (There will be no matching on the exam.) Q5) What forces in the macro environment most influenced your decision to attend Penn State? Pick at least two and describe. Consider the following examples: Demographic forces ­ diversity, different nationalities Economic forces ­ Tuition, investment in education, parent in faculty Natural forces ­ Proximity, Close to home Technological forces ­ PSU Professors acquire patents every year Political forces ­ Family pressure Cultural forces ­ Value and prestige added by the alumni and PSU family Q6) Marketers use ethnographic (observational) research to understand consumer behavior in the real world. Observe your MKTG 301 classrooms (either 108 Forum or 101 Ag Sciences). How does the design BAJAJ 4 of the room affect your own attitudes or behaviors? 108 Forum Large size makes the class seem unimportant. The structure of the chair makes taking down notes difficult. There is not enough leg space and arm room. The uncomforting environment makes you dread coming to class. No importance is paid. No individual attention. It is difficult to concentrate. 101 Ag Science The design is comforting. There is a decent number of people. It is easy to communicate. The class structure and leg space is comforting. The class is interactive and flexible. It is fairly new looking. It is easy to concentrate. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5ds7WzVeew The survey was subject to interviewer bias. It can be the intangible aspect that sells it. People want new things. SURVEY RESEARCH:  ­Most widely used method for primary data collection  ­Best for gathering descriptive information.  ­Can gather information i.e. market survey.  ­Can be sent through e ­mails, phone, text etc CONTACT METHOD: PHONE Pros flexible(Questions can be changed on the basis of the responses), gathers information faster Cons Higher cost than mail(Many people need to be employed), Interviewer effect BAJAJ 5 exist (sound and gender of the interviewer and Interviewee matters), Smaller quantity of data can be collected. CONTACT METHOD: MAIL/EMAIL Mostly used for surveys using a questionnaire. PROS Large amount of information can be collected at a low cost (normally sent through emails) CONS Low Response rate (Many people ignore them or don’t spend enough time on them), Responses based on bias (many people just fill them up for fun or fill it up with pre ­conceived notions, person might be in a bad mood),has to rely on replies the company gets ONLINE MARKETING RESEARCH: Internet is the perfect medium to reach a large amount of people. Useful to conduct surveys, experiments and personal (individual and group) interviews. PROS ­ least expensive way(only the initial setup) , flexible, saves time on data processing (information is calculated digitally, easy to analyze) CONS Lack of information, validation is difficult, Low response rate (higher than Mail because of ease of use)), Consumer bias, Basic knowledge of technology is imperative (difficult for older people) EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH: Best for gathering causal information (A causes B, We can isolate A to make sure that that is what causes B)\ Example: the candy and sock group (one group is happy and one is sad/tortured) PROCESS:  ­Select matched group of subjects (Consider equality in terms of gender, ethnicity, religion, age group)  ­Give different treatments  ­Control for unrelated factors  ­Check differences in responses between groups BAJAJ 6 Brian Wansink , University of Illinois, put some signs at the supermarket to observe consumer behavior. (Buyology 1 of 2) [good example of experimental research] (Think about supply and demand and its impact on consumers) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mv6U3bxNrBk Which city is considered the best “test market”? (where new advertising campaigns and new products are tested) A) New York, NY B) Albany,NY ANSWER: Alabany, NY EXPLANATION: New York is over ­hyped, too many advertisements, too many products, more expensive, similar people in terms of background, work etc: Albany represents a true picture ­ diverse population, people from different backgrounds, mix of political views etc. All the best test markets are more approximate representation of United States. WHY NOT SAN FRANCISCO? San Francisco is a trendsetter, coastal area; similar political views are skewed in one direction (liberal), not a perfect representative of consumers across the country, Asian majority CLICKER QUESTION: Q) Which of the following is/ are examples of ethnographic research? A) B) C) D) Microsoft holding a focus group in their Seattle headquarters Nike using a people meter to count customer traffic in their Dallas store Best Buy observing how customers shop in their State College store All of the above ANSWER: C EXPLANATION: Ethnographic Research is related with observing people in their natural environment. A is not an example because focus groups are more like interviewing people (not natural). Nike uses a mechanical device to conduct the research{Example of observational research but not naturalistic}. CONSUMER BEHAVIOR: It is related to the buying behavior of customers and households. A customer is different from the consumer. A consumer is the person who is the final user of the product. BAJAJ 7 There are various groups that influence consumers.For examples: subcultures, psychological factors, family tradition etc. Q)Which subculture is most likely to agree that ‘shopping is a family affair’? A) Asian Americans B) African Americans C) Hispanics ANSWER: C EXPLANATION: Hispanics are family ­oriented, traditional and multigenerational. They believe in family involvement at every step. The family is one unit. Example: The Zest body wash advertisement did not work with the Hispanics. CULTURAL FORCES: CULTURE: American culture, American values, Penn State football culture, certain way of dressing up etc SUBCULTURE: Culture of a group of people who share values and beliefs because of common life experience. Fraternity subculture, Sorrority subculture, Sophomore subculture, LGBTQA subculture, Female subculture SOCIAL CLASS: Societies that are permanent and follow class divisions and share common beliefs. ADVERTISEMENT FOCUSES ON CULTURE, SUBCULTURE AND SOCIAL CLASS Budweiser commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_ZEGUX4YnI It is an example of culture. “Man’s best friend” ; “American Beer Lager” , background music makes you think of the ranch and old country house etc. Bud Lite commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEWtTVaIH0M It is an example of subculture and social class. It shows a high class get together. Difference between males and females etc. STUDY TIP: BAJAJ  ­REVIEW CHECKPOINT HOMEWORK  ­How is cognitive dissonance different from buyer’s remorse? 8 ...
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