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Unformatted text preview: The mission statement of the National Art Museum of China is to show art to a lot of people and inform people of art. The website supports this mission statement by having the website show off a lot of works of art. Anyone can see this website and all the pictures on the website. The piece I picked was the Ice Light and Snow Shadow by Mr. Lang Lixing. He is a photographer so the materials he needed were his camera to take the picture, he also needed film to capture the exposure. After that he needed to process his film and turn his negatives into prints. This picture came from an exhibition that was first released in 2009. I selected this picture because I like to look at snow. I don’t particularly like being in snow but looking at it makes me happy to look at snow. I like when snow has just fallen and no one has stepped in it yet, it looks so perfect. The images in my head of untouched snow just seem so serine and peaceful. I feel that this is one of the great things about works of art related to nature. serine and peaceful....
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