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discussion 2 - Give background on why the restoration was...

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Give background on why the restoration was required, what techniques were used in the restoration, and what issues, if any, evolved out of the restoration. Go beyond opinion and be sure to support your position. The topic I picked was the Restoration topic. I picked the Parthenon Restoration project. The Parthenon is in Greece and it was originally built around middle of fifth century B.C. It is built out of marble and it has been falling apart but the groups of architects are doing a great job of restoring the Parthenon. The Parthenon is where the Athenians worshiped their gods and where they went to discuss their ideas and beliefs. The Parthenon was built at the beginning of the development of Athens. It was a major part in building the society. The Parthenon held the statue of Athena, their patron Goddess. The statue was solid gold and during restoration the statue was built as a twelve ton statue that only had the gold foil on the outside not all the way through the whole statue.
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