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The Romanesque and the Gothic architectures are somewhat similar yet different. Both styles are medieval styles of architectures. The timeframe for Romanesque or Gothic buildings which were mostly churches was 800-1500. At this point in history there were lots of pilgrims traveling to look at all of these churches. These pilgrims wanted to explore the religions at the time. They would stop by each church to hear the sermon and look at the church. Romanesque buildings were inspired by the Roman and Byzantine styles. Romanesque churches had super thick walls because the whole building was made out of stone even the roof so the walls had to be strong to support the roof. That is why Romanesque churches do not have very many windows because the windows cannot support the heavy roof as well as thick stone walls can. They are “dark and gloomy” (Hudelson). The insides of Romanesque churches are huge and just big rooms, they tend to not have a lot of little rooms. Romanesque churches were built to include the masses
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