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Catherine Allen Self Portrait Just Me The materials in my Self Portrait project that I used were a camera and a computer. I used my digital camera to take the picture and upload the picture. After the picture was uploaded, I used the Photoshop program on my computer to make the picture black and white and turn everything but the eyes black and white. I really wanted to make the eyes pop when the viewer looked at the portrait. Inside the eyes there is a watery picture in them because it was more dramatic that way. My title is Just Me because this is me I am a pretty boring person but I am always happy and when I’m happy my eyes are blue and I’m a very simple person just like the artist who inspired my self portrait. The artist that influenced my work is Alfred Wertheimer. I really like the pictures that he takes because they are so simple and I
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Unformatted text preview: really like pictures that only have one or two characters or one thing to focus on. The problems I had on the Self Portrait was deciding if I should take an up close picture or a picture far away with something in the background. The only changes that I would have made for the final outcome would have been adding some more of who I am inside of it. The problem is that I dont really know who I am currently. Im just getting through school and working but that isnt who I will always be. I just know that my life is boring with only school and work so I made a boring picture that makes me happy. I dont really like noses either so I really like that my nose was kind of hidden in the picture and that no one can see it. Im definitely interested in using Photoshop more often because I really like it....
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