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Getting Education vs. Getting a Degree Many college students often lament that they just need to accumulate sufficient college credits so they could earn a degree and simply move on. This just-get-by attitude is very discouraging and disappointing, especially to educators who want to give students useful education rather than a degree. You should be wondering by now, is there a difference between getting education and getting a degree? To begin with, college degree is just a representation. It is a certification attesting that an individual has actually studied in a variety of useful fields. It also indicates that the individual has achieved a target level of subject mastery. In contrast, education is everything any degree is representing. It should be regarded as the more important between the two. That is because it is education that would help individuals get on with the real-life challenges in the workplace. It is education that would make anyone rise from above the rest. Traditionally, students are usually told that earning a college degree is the real key to success. When success is tackled,
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