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Unformatted text preview: Hollywood Movies that Glorify Education On a typical rainy or winter day and you just want to stay at home, you might want to watch several movies. If you have a strong interest in education, there are several feel-good and inspiring Hollywood movies that you should be watching. Here are three of those great and excellent flicks of all times. The movie Teachers was released in 1984. It starred Nick Nolte, Morgan Freeman, Laura Derm, and Richard Mulligan. The film was about a high school graduate who ended up suing her public high school because she was able to graduate even without knowing how to actually read. This movie discusses and describes all the setbacks and disadvantageous condition of the US public education at the time. It obviously aims to address education problems in a satirical manner, through conflicts and over-the-top movie characters. Teachers also exposes several public education problems that are still left hanging even up to this day. What is more interesting is that such problems are not unique to the US. Many other countries experience those educational more interesting is that such problems are not unique to the US....
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