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new education loan repayment scheme in the US

new education loan repayment scheme in the US - New...

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New Education Loan Repayment Scheme in the US In a sign that education is highly prioritized by the United States government, it has been offering for quite some time student loans for college and graduate students who need assistance. The goal of the program is very obvious: to help students get on to earn degrees despite continuously rising costs. It is a common knowledge to everyone that US students are quite independent. That is why they are left to make ends meet and finance their own endeavors. Thousands of college and graduate students across the country are benefitting from the program. Many are earning their degrees with much financial hassle. The catch is that those students are mandated and required to repay their student loans after they graduate. This scheme is a welcome note to most students, who really are in dire need to pay for their education. But repaying loan amounts for a number of years (average about 10 years) could be a daunting task to most.
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