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Strategizing Teaching Approaches - Strategizing Teaching...

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Strategizing: Teaching Approaches To be an effective teacher, you would need to use different methods and strategies. Teaching strategies, of course would depend on how receptive your students are, topic and of course whatever is appropriate to the subject or course. Here are some teaching strategies that you could use: Lecture This is among the leading teaching method or strategies, if you think about it, there are about 80 percent of educational institutions who would use this kind of method. Although, there are new strategies can be used as medium of instruction, lecture method is still one of the most important ways to teach. There are pros and cons for using lecture as your mode of instruction. It is advantageous since it allows you to convey as much information and knowledge as possible to a big number of students. But with this kind of setup, student participation could be weak and students may have issues with the retention of the what they have learned.
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