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Teaching Tips: Effective Teaching For Teens Being a teenager is one of the most difficult stages of our life. Teenagers would face difficulties since they are in the stage when they are trying to figure out their identity and try to fit in. If being at this stage is difficult, imagine dealing with more than a dozen of teenagers in a classroom setup and trying to teach them something that is not event their interest. If you are a new teacher, then adjusting or dealing with teenagers could be very difficult but also a challenging experience. Some new teachers would say that teenagers could smell fear. When you are teaching teenagers, first impressions are very important. You would like to appear that you are a professional, knowledgeable in your field and that you are there to help them. Of course you would also like to project that they could approach or ask for your guidance and advices, you are not only their teacher for their academic subjects. You are also their life coach and example. You can act goofy sometimes, you
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