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Teaching Tips: Instructing ESL English as the Second Language (ESL) class is about teaching English to those who have other languages as their primary spoken language. In a 2000 United States survey, it showed that about 10 % of the population do not speak English as fluent as other may be. Aside from that, there are also families whose main primary language at home is not English. With these statistics, it would be very important to back these lagging students with some necessary language courses and programs. Today, high school and primary education already have ESL classes that can be offered with their foreign students. If you are teaching ESL, then here are some important tips or suggestions that you could use for your next class: For them to understand you, you do not have to speak louder. They are not deaf, they are not just as fluent as you are with English. Speak slowly, clearly and with distinct sounds. To correct pronunciations, teach them how each sound is created, the proper position of lips, tongue and teeth for
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