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Unformatted text preview: Video Games: A Great Way to Relieve Stress Stress is one of the main contributors of heart related diseases and stroke. Any way you look at it, stress can and will kill. Because of this fact, more and more people today are now finding out new ways to relieve stress. Some people find it relaxing when they exercise or when they work out at the gym, others say that playing sports is a great way to relieve stress, while there are also some people who prefer going to the spa to get a massage in order to relieve stress. These activities can really help you relieve the stress you feel from work or from school. But, have you ever considered playing video games to relieve stress? Recent studies have found that playing video games can really help you relieve stress. In fact, just 15 to 30 minutes of playing with video games can get your mind off stressful things. So, why can video games help relieve stress? For starters, you have to remember that the real world is indeed a stressful world. Every single day, you will encounter stressful situations which can really affect your overall well-being.world....
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