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Title: Friendship and reunion Word Count: 597 Summary: It's always fun to have friends around. Reunite with friends to enjoy life better. Keywords: Friends, best freind, friends reunited, finding friends, school friends, friendship day, friendship quote Article Body: Buddy, companion, friend and pal whatever you say it remains the same: In Shakespeare s words what s in a name? Absolutely it doesn t matter how we call our friends, by what name; provided we share a bond of love and care with each other. Friends rock man! And friendship adds color and vigour in life. Without friends, oh God! Life is simply imprisonment. Friendship is the best gift of God on earth. It s the best possession one can acquire in a lifetime. Friends have always been an essential part of my life. Infact they form the heart of my life and not only a part of it. Despite that I have always found it very difficult to define friendship. Actually the best things on earth are always best described when they remain undescribed. Lets try to understand friendship through a story:
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