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Hatred__The_Byproduct_of_a_Bad_Break_Up - Title Hatred The...

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Title: Hatred: The Byproduct of a Bad Break Up Word Count: 586 Summary: Break ups can be very bitter experiences. This article offers reasons to move past any hatred felt toward an ex and move forward with life. Though it is much easier said than done, a positive attitude is needed to get through each day. Keywords: break up, breaking up, love, hate, relationship, emotion Article Body: Break ups are a most difficult part of life and relationships. When you are first starting that relationship, everything is new and exciting. Many times, as the relationship wears on, it becomes hard to be with someone who may not be right for you. As a result, many couples give up. Break ups can be amenable, but much of the time it is a very ugly situation. After a breakup, it is very common to feel disgust, contempt, or even hatred for your ex-significant other. If you have broken up with someone or someone has broken up with you and you are experiencing hatred toward them, this is a very unhealthy scenario. There are several reasons to try to get over the hatred you feel for your ex. First it is not
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