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Unformatted text preview: Title: He Said, She Said Word Count: 463 Summary: In relationship we often hear couples expressing their displeasure with each other. The focus is always on the other half and their faults. This new perspective brings the focus back on the relationship and how you can achieve the bliss you so desire. Keywords: relationship,relationships,love,divorce,unhealthy relationship,relationship goals,healthy relations Article Body: <b><i>The Relationship Triangle</b></i> Most people get involved in a relationship for the right reasons and leave a relationship for the wrong reasons. In fact, most of us have been guilty of it at one time or another and of being a complete spaz demanding we get our way in the relationship. Remember the movie He Said, She Said? A constant power struggle ensues when you make the relationship all about you. So why do we do it? I believe the reason this happens is that we make unhealthy relationship choices. In our deepest inner desires, we naturally long for companionship and love in our lives. In our haste, we choose unwisely and compromise for that "next naturally long for companionship and love in our lives....
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