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Title: Healing Hopeless Relationships Word Count: 1159 Summary: The Law of Attraction can successfully heal seemingly hopeless relationships! Keywords: law of attraction, success, hopeless, relationship, focus, mind-set, attribute, attract, vibration, respond, situation Article Body: "My husband and I were planning our divorce. Now we're planning our reconciliation." "For years, my teenage son and I were at odds with each other. At times he was abusive toward me. Now we are building a great friendship based on mutual respect and appreciation." "My middle daughter and I were never close. She harbored deep (and justified) resentment toward me. Now she phones me almost every day and shares with me her joys and challenges as a young mom. I LOVE our new relationship!" "For the first time in my life, I have a loving relationship with myself. I am living as my authentic self on a daily basis and it feels good!" What do these four people have in common? To what do they ALL attribute the successful healing of these seemingly hopeless relationships? The Law of Attraction! It's really quite amazing when you consider that three of these testimonials came from people who have been deliberately applying the Law of Attraction for less than a year. What is it about the Law of Attraction (LOA) that produces such a wonderful benefit in a gentle natural way? Four aspects of LOA come to my mind as being significant in changing the way we relate to others: Self-appreciation which translates into appreciation of others, looking for new perspectives on negative events, expecting people to respond differently to us when we have shifted our vibration and building a community of like-minded friends. SELF-APPRECIATION
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Healing_Hopeless_Relationships - Title: Healing Hopeless...

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