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Detective Conan: List of Subbed Episodes Updated by Xoph: 2011 / July / 16 ~~ Originally Based on Miyano-sama's List Official Document Location: http://www.dctp.ws/DC_Subbed_List.pdf Backup Location: http://azfansubs.ucoz.net/DC_Subbed_List.pdf # Group Title Based on JP Air Date Fansubbed On ? 1 Anime-Conan Roller Coaster Murder Case Vol 1 File 1 1996/Jan/08 2003/Apr/11 2 Anime-Conan Company President's Daughter Kidnapping Case Vol 1 File 2-5 1996/Jan/15 2003/Apr/29 3 Anime-Conan An Idol's Locked Room Murder Case Vol 1 File 6-9 1996/Jan/22 2003/Jul/21 4 Anime-Conan The Coded Map of the City Case Vol 4 File 7-10 1996/Jan/29 2002/Dec/22 5 Anime-Conan The Shinkansen's Bomb Case Vol 4 File 4-6 1996/Feb/05 2003/Jan/12 6 Anime-Conan Valentine Murder Case TV Original 1996/Feb/12 2003/Feb/01 7 Anime-Conan Once-A-Month Present Threat Case Vol 3 File 7-10 1996/Feb/19 2003/Feb/03 8 Anime-Conan Art Gallery Owner Murder Case Vol 4 File 1-3 1996/Feb/26 2003/Feb/13 9 Anime-Conan Tenkaichi Night Festival Murder Case Vol 6 File 9 - Vol 7 File 1 1996/Mar/04 2003/Feb/13 10 Anime-Conan Pro Soccer Player Blackmail Case Vol 7 File 8 - Vol 8 File 1 1996/Mar/11 2003/Mar/11 11 Anime-Conan Moonlight Sonata Murder Case (1 Hour Special) Vol 7 File 2-7 1996/Apr/08 2003/Jun/03 12 Anime-Conan Ayumi-chan's Kidnapping Case Vol 9 File 1-3 1996/Apr/15 2003/Apr/11 13 Anime-Conan The Strange Person Hunt Murder Case Vol 2 File 4-6 1996/Apr/22 2003/Apr/12 14 Anime-Conan The Mysterious Shooting Message Case TV Original 1996/Apr/29 2003/Apr/17 15 Anime-Conan Missing Corpse Murder Case Vol 6 File 6-8 1996/May/13 2003/May/04 16 Anime-Conan The Antique Collector Murder Case Vol 6 File 2-5 1996/May/20 2003/May/12 17 Anime-Conan Department Store Highjacking Case TV Original 1996/May/27 2003/Jun/01 18 Anime-Conan A June Bride Murder Case Vol 8 File 8-10 1996/Jun/03 2003/Jun/05 19 Anime-Conan An Elevator Murder Case TV Original 1996/Jun/10 2003/Jul/05 20 Anime-Conan A Haunted Mansion Murder Case Vol 2 File 7-10 1996/Jun/17 2003/Jul/12 21 Anime-Conan On Location, TV Drama Murder Case TV Original 1996/Jun/24 2003/Jul/28 22 Anime-Conan Luxury Liner Serial Murder Case (Part 1) Vol 3 File 1-6 1996/Jul/01 2003/Aug/04 23 Anime-Conan Luxury Liner Serial Murder Case (Part 2) Vol 3 File 1-6 1996/Jul/08 2003/Aug/06 24 Anime-Conan The Mysterious Woman with Amnesia Case TV Original 1996/Jul/15 2003/Aug/29 25 Anime-Conan The False Kidnapping and Hostage Case TV Original 1996/Jul/22 2003/Sep/09 26 Anime-Conan Pet Dog Jon Murder Case TV Original 1996/Jul/29 2003/Sep/10 27 Anime-Conan Kogoro's Class Reunion Murder Case (Part 1) Vol 9 File 4-6 1996/Aug/05 2003/Sep/15 28 Anime-Conan Kogoro's Class Reunion Murder Case (Part 2) Vol 9 File 4-6 1996/Aug/12 2003/Sep/18 29 Anime-Conan Computer Murder Case TV Original 1996/Aug/19 2003/Sep/27 30 Anime-Conan Alibi Testimony Murder Case TV Original 1996/Aug/26 2003/Oct/08 31 Anime-Conan The TV Station Murder Case Vol 11 File 2-4 1996/Sep/02 2003/Oct/18 32 Anime-Conan Coffee Shop Murder Case
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