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NNSE 618 Home assignment # 1 Due: September 20, 2011 1. What is the de Broglie wavelength of a particle with energy 0.1 eV in vacuum with effective mass of 10 -31 kg? (2 points) 2. How will the energy of the lowest energy state in an infinitely deep potential well change if the width of the potential well is doubled? (2 points) 3. How do you reconcile the expression for the wave function of a free electron in space ( x , y , z , t ) A exp[ i ( k x x k y y k z z )]exp( i t ) with the Uncertainty Principle? (2 points) 4. Find the magnitude of the wave vector of a free electron which has the same energy as a photon with the wavelength of 0.55 μm. Compare it with the magnitude of the wave vector for this photon. (2 points) 5. Assuming k-conservation, calculate (in nm -1 ) the phonon wavevector which can take an electron from -valley to L-valley in GaAs. (2 points) 6. Using tight-binding model calculate dispersion E(k) in the first Brillouin zone along one of the major symmetrical axes <100> and effective mass (in the units of free electron mass, m
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