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DG #2 IT project vs Traditinal project

DG #2 IT project vs Traditinal project - to be complicated...

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In my opinion, and IT project is harder to manage… A traditional project is a very structure planning approach. The approach is somewhat disciplined and intentional/calculated. In the traditional approach, work is completed one task at a time, in an orderly sequence. Usually these types of projects are planned well in advance. If we take in account a construction project, the design and plan is needed up front to fully understand the total effort. In this type of project, once a phase is completed, that particular phase is usually never revisited. An Information technology project can be “dicey”, meaning it can be unpredictable. Because the IT environment is always moving, changing, adapting, and indeed challenging causes many IT projects
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Unformatted text preview: to be complicated. Frequent software changes become the paradigm for many IT projects. Often times IT projects are short-term efforts to create a unique product, service or environment, such as removing old servers, developing a custom e-commerce site, creating new desktop images, or merging databases. Most all IT project are plagued by three factors: time, cost and scope. These factors alone make an IT project harder. There are also unique factors such as technology challenges (i.e., changes manufacturers make to their hardware and software) that can make an IT project even more difficult! Have a blessed week everyone! MLVTW...
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