Quiz #2 (chap 2-3)

Quiz #2 (chap 2-3) - entire system or organization A True B...

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1.  If project managers lead projects in isolation, it is unlikely that those projects will ever truly serve the needs  of the organization. A) True B) False 2.   Organizational issues are often the least difficult part of working on and managing projects. A) True B) False 3.   Although it is easier to focus on the immediate and sometimes narrow concerns of a particular project,  project managers and other staff must keep in mind the effects of any project on the interests and needs of the 
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Unformatted text preview: entire system or organization. A) True B) False 4. The same organization can have different subcultures. A) True B) False 5. The Adaptive Software Development (ASD) life cycle model assumes that software development follows an adaptive approach because the requirements cannot be clearly expressed early in the life cycle. A) True B) False...
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