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Why might a project schedule need to be compressed? What are  some of the ramifications of compressing a schedule?  You're midway through a project and realize that the project will miss a key milestone. To deliver on-time, you’ll need to play with the schedule and look for resources. Crashing or compressing the schedule may be your only feasible option to deliver on- time. Introduction Delivering a project on-time will always be challenging for project managers. Sometimes through intricate planning and a bit of luck, your project will meet the deadline without any turbulence. However, more often than not, turbulence is a part of any project. It is how you cope with this turbulence that determines whether you will deliver on-time. Crashing and Compressing are scheduling techniques that you may want to implement when the project is behind schedule. As we'll see at the end of this article, both of these techniques come with their own challenges and risks . Crashing a Schedule
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Compressed schedule - notees -...

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