DG#7 - Incremental Project Management Life Cycle

DG#7 - Incremental Project Management Life Cycle - Describe...

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Describe a situation where you could see (in your organization if possible) using the Incremental Project Management Life Cycle. Hello All, I guess this is our last group discussion post. It’s been indeed a pleasure discussing with you all and sharing and gleaning information from our discussions. I pray we will be able to discuss again other subject matter in regards to our MS in Information Technology! My next class will be BS 649 – IT Project Management. Wishing everyone best wishes on their final exam! Stay blessed everyone! MLVTW (Marsha) Incremental Project Management Life Cycle is very similar to the linear approach. It is based on the Traditional Project Management (TPM) approach. The incremental approach allows projects to be released incrementally as certain phases of the project are completed. During the Incremental approach scope changes are permissive and encouraged. The schedule during this approach is aggressive and is the reason why additional project management is needed to
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