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Week Two Signals checkpnt - the timing requirements of...

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Week Two, checkpoint Signals Voice is a production of vibrations from compressed air. When sound starts it moves in all directions away from what ever that source of sound is. When the sound reaches your ear it causes your ear drum to vibrate, this is how you hear the sound. You can characterize sound by the amplitude and frequency. Amplitude means the loudness or intensity, and this is measured in decibels. Frequency or pitch is the rate of the vibration. We measure the frequency in hertz, or cycles per second. Data is typically packet switched or cell switched, this helps to make sure that the data is delivered this way to make error control and recovery available. A data network makes reliable transportation of information its main concern. Also data isn’t required to be delivered in real time, this is why error control, recovery, and the delivery of the data is crucial. Video is a lot like voice and data. Video needs reliable end to end transport, and sharing
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Unformatted text preview: the timing requirements of voice traffic. A cell switched ATM is the best network for video quality guarantees and fast delivery. PBX is a telephone system inside of an enterprise that switches the calls between enterprise users on local lines, and at the same time it allows all users to share some information of external phone lines. PBX is there to help save the cost of requiring each user there own line. PBX are computers that deal in digital voice, normally at the standard 64Kbps. VoIP is a voice delivery system that uses the Internet Protocol. VoIP sends information in digital form, in descrete packets instead of the traditional circuit committed protocols of the PSTN. An advantage to VoIP is that you don’t get the regular telephone service charges. You can use VoIP as long as your PC is equipped with a sound card, speakers, microphone and a modem....
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