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IT 242 week 4 checkpoint. For scenario one reguarding Saguaro Federal Bank, I believe Ethernet would be a better choice. Ethernet provides faster speeds, allowing data to be sent from one computer to another at a high rate of speed. The problem with using Token Protocol in this situation would be reliability. If one of your work stations crashes it will take out all the rest. Then trying to troubleshoot on Token is much more difficult then on an ehternet set up. Ethernet is also able to run more then one fram type at a time, and understand it. For the second scenario XYZ Technology Consultannts, I also think that Ethernet would be the better choice here. With the amount of floors being occupied the reliability of
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Unformatted text preview: using T1 line, or Fiber Optic lines to ensure fast and reliable data transfer would seem to be a must. I also have to look at trouble shooting 3 floors with a Token Protocol, and would have to say I wouldn’t want to. When one station goes down, they all go down. This would cause a major cost for troubleshooting, and it would mean a lot of down time. It would seem to me that because of the way the Token Ring communicates, that this would be too slow for either business to want to use. One of the factors that did make me think twice was the saturation. Ethernet is 40 percent where Token is 70 percent. There also isn’t a problem with data colliding, because every station waits its turn to send data....
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