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Circuit switching sets up much like a phone call line. There isn’t a data transfer before the end to end connection is established. This method is used mostly by the phone company, it’s a direct circuit to circuit connection. This allows for fast data transfer. The disadvantage is that is has a fixed bandwidth, and the path can’t be used for by other information until the transfer is complete. Packet switching divides messages into packets before sending them. Each packet is sent individually and can take different routes to the same destination. This method works well for bursty data transfers, but doesn’t work so well for constant data transfer. Each packet is tagged with source, destination, and intermediary node addresses as appropriate.
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Unformatted text preview: One disadvantage to packet switching is the risk of messages getting scrambled. This is because the messages are split into so many parts, and have the option to take different paths. To help remedy this issue each message is marked with a sequence number that is attached to the packet. While you aren’t taking up all of the bandwidth up with just one transfer, the information has to be reassembled at the other end, which in turn can take a little more time overall. Both circuit switching and packet switching are used, but packet switching is said to be more reliable....
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