Assignment06 - Management of Information Security, 2nd ed....

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Management of Information Security, 2 nd ed. _____________________________________________________________________________ _ Chapter 6 : Security Management Models and Practices John Moura Review Questions 1. What is an information security framework? How does it relate to the information security blueprint? IS framework is the outline of the more thorough blueprint, which sets out the model to be followed in the creation of the design, selection, and the initial and ongoing implementation of all subsequent security controls, including information security policies, security education and training programs, and technological controls. 2. What is a security model? How might an information security professional use such a model? A security model is a generic blueprint offered by a service organization. A security professional may choose one (proprietary/free) that is flexible, scalable, robust, and sufficiently defined, and use this model to create a customized security plans. 3. Which information security model evolved from the BS 7799 model? What does it include? ISO/IEC 17799. It includes guidelines and general principles for initiating, implementing, maintaining, and improving information security management in an organization . 4. What is an alternative model to the BS 7799 model (and its successors)? What does it include? NIST SP 800-12,14,18,26,30. Computer security, GAP and practices for securing information technology systems, guide for developing security plans, self-assessments, risk management. 5. How many sections does the ISO/IEC 17799 include? What is the first of these sections? 11 sections, 133 possible controls, Security Policy. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Page: 1
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Management of Information Security, 2 nd ed. _____________________________________________________________________________ _ 6. What is the COBIT? Who is its sponsor? What does it accomplish? Control Objectives for Information and related Technology. Provides advice about the implementation of sound controls and control objectives for information security. ISACA. Presents 34 high-level objectives that cover 215 control objectives
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Assignment06 - Management of Information Security, 2nd ed....

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