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wireless Technologies wk8 - Running head WIRELESS...

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Running head: WIRELESS TECHNOLOGIES 1 Wireless Technologies Travis Prine IT/242 November 6th, 2011 Michael Sthultz
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WIRELESS TECHNOLOGIES 2 Wireless Technologies In this paper we are going to discuss four different types of wireless technologies, and how they can be used. Radio Systems, is a wireless technology that resides between 10 KHz and 1GHz on the electromagnetic spectrum. This includes shortwave, UHF, and VHF. The frequencies for radio have been split into between regulated and unregulated bandwidths. To use the regulated bandwidths you are required to get a license from those that have the jurisdiction over that operating area. This can consist of the FCC in the USA and in Canada it is the CDC. It can be hard to get the license, but guarantees a clear transmission within your specified area. Some of the properties of radio waves are: Low Frequency- these radio waves can easily move through obstacles, but the further away from the transmitter you move the quicker the signal breaks up. There is a small bandwidth
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wireless Technologies wk8 - Running head WIRELESS...

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