WAN Design Final Project

WAN Design Final Project - communication to headquarters I...

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Running head: WAN DESIGN 1 WAN Design Travis Prine IT/242 November 14th, 2011 Michael Sthultz
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WAN DESIGN 2 WAN Design I have been hired by Acme Manufacturing to design and implement there network. We are working with a growing organization, including a plant in China and 5 offices in the US. We are going to have ensure that we set this network up with the newest technology to ensure that they can communicate on a very regular basis within all five offices. I am going to recommend using a star topology, using CAT5 UTP. If we use this cable we can allow each location to communicate efficiently, and directly to headquarters. If we also place a Virtual Private Network (VPN) into use that we configure with a L2TP, using IPsec for security. When we look at China’s office we will use the Satellite Systems to ensure clear
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Unformatted text preview: communication to headquarters. I recommend that Acme lease 3 T1 lines, this way there is plenty of room for the company to expand and grow. For the telecommunications I am going to go with VoIP. There is a significant cost difference in pricing between VoIP and PBX. With VoIP you are also able to receive a local number, and you can get a 1-800 number either by itself or in addition to the local number. VoIP is also easier to set up, with VoIP the basic tool required is an Ethernet or Internet connection. Using VoIP will allow this company to to conduct there weekly teleconferences, rather then having to be in one office physically for every person of the team that needs to be involved....
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WAN Design Final Project - communication to headquarters I...

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