Environmental Issue Checkpoint Week 1

Environmental Issue Checkpoint Week 1 - recycle they can...

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I see the biggest issue in my city is an ever growing city dump. I see this as an issue because the ever growing trash heeps that decompose there causes a large release of methane gas, and the pollution of the land that the dump infests. Methane gas is a chemical compound, it is relatively potent. Compared with carbon dioxide it has a very high global warming potential. The approximate lifetime of methane gas in our atmosphere is about 10 years. Yes these are related to human values. The less we recycle, the more our tossed out belongings and trash fills these landfills. If a person were to take an extra 5 minutes and
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Unformatted text preview: recycle they can reduce the waste that we leave to decompose in our earth and atmosphere. I have found in my personal life that if I recycle everything I can I went from taking my garbage can out twice a week to only taking it out once a month. That means that I lessened the amount of trash I through in the landfill by half. If even half of our nations population were to recycle everything in there household, the amount of global warming caused by methane gas could be lessened by half. It’s not difficult or complicated. It is simply caring to keep our environment around for our children to enjoy....
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