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Interfaces and Communication Messages Week 8 Checkpoint Top Level Objects Communicates With Incoming Messages Outgoing Messages Key pad Heat power, timer Timer, amount, code, lbs End, finished, clock Heating element Timer, keypad, Power level input Power level output Turn Table Start, end buttons Start turn table Stop turntable Timer Heat, keypad, turntable Amount of time 60 sec, End The GUI’s associated with the microwave are the clock, timer, weight of object to be heated, amount of objects. The GUI allows you to change power level settings, length of
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Unformatted text preview: time to cook, or defrost. There is also a timer to help time with or without the heat on the microwave. The greatest advantage I think is being able to input information about a certain dish and having it heated for the right amount of time and power lee, so that when it is finished, the beverage or food in the microwave is finished and ready to eat. If the microwave were to break, I would replace it with a new one....
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