Programming Problems week2

Programming Problems week2 - Process Convert 30% to dollar...

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1) Input Sales for month, commission rate Process Input sales amount Input commission sales percentage Input dollar amount for commission Output Total dollar amount for commission 2) Input Item name Item price Item weight Fractional ounces per item Process Prompt item name Prompt price Prompt weight Convert pounds to ounces Divide price by ounces Output Unit price. 3) Input Employee, employee number Input hourly rate of pay Number of regular hours worked Number of overtime hours worked Process Prompt for employee id number Prompt rate of pay] Prompt regular hours worked Prompt overtime hours worked Times hours by regular rate of pay Times overtime hours by rate of pay plus 1.5 Output Employee id
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Total regular hours worked Total overtime hours worked Total employee gross 4) Input deductions to be minused
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Unformatted text preview: Process Convert 30% to dollar amount Add $10.00 per moth Take total deduction from gross pay Output Total net pay for employee 5) Input Bowlers name Score for 6 games Process Prompt for name Promt for score per game 1-6 Add 6 scores together Take total of six scores and divede by 6 Output Average per player 6) Input “M-Monthly payment “ “P- Loan amount” “r-Annual percentage rate of interest “ “N-Number of monthly payments” Process Set M = Monthly payment = xxx.xx Set P = Loan amount = xxx.xx Set r = annual percentage rate of interest = xxx.xx Set N = number of monthly payments = xx M = p*R*(1+ R )^/((1+R)^ N-1) Output Montlhy payment Amount of interest Number of monthly payments...
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Programming Problems week2 - Process Convert 30% to dollar...

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