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Test Doc 2 Wk 7 - I understand what the inputs are and what...

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Axia College Material Appendix K Currency Conversion Peer Review Design Inspection Report Programmers Name: Date of Inspection 4/19/2011 Inspectors Name: Travis Prine Use the following criteria to evaluate the Currency Conversion Test Procedure. If the answer to the item question is yes, put an X next to that item under the Yes column. If the answer is no, please add details next to that item under the respective Comments column. Yes Item Comments 1. X Is the problem description clear, concise, and accurate? Yes I understand the issue is solving conversion of currency from foreign to us currency 2. X Are the inputs to the program identified?
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Unformatted text preview: I understand what the inputs are, and what there action is when input. 3. X Are the outputs to the program identified? Yes, I know that choice 0 (input) will ask me if I wish to exit the program (output) 4. X Does the test input result in the expected output? Yes I feel that what the input is has the expected output. List of Defects: Identify defects by checklist number and observed error, but do not include any corrective action. 1 the only discrepancy I felt was that the steps were broke from each other, showing all inputs then all outputs, was rather confusing. IT 210...
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