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Unformatted text preview: CheckPoint: : Sequential and Selection Processing Control Structure Due Date: Day 5 Available Points Points Earned Comments Create an IPO for this program. 5 you did not create and IPO Design a flow chart for the Processes in your program 5 You did not create a flow chart Generate the pseudocode for this program. 10 5 Good attempt at the pseudocode, however you did not show how you would calculate the tax for each salary bracket. I have attached my answer key for you to review Generate a set of input test values. 5 5 you did not create test cases Grammar/Spelling/Mecha nics 5 5 Good Job Late Penalty 10% per day Total 30 15 Additional Comments: This was a good attempt at this assignment. . I have attached my answer key below for you to review. Input-Process-Output Chart Input Processes Output Salary (from keyboard) Get Salary Salary Salary Calculate Taxes Taxes Salary, Taxes Output Taxes Salary, Taxes (to display) Main Module Calculate Salary Flow Chart Pseudocode Main program Declare salary as real...
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Travis+Prine+Week3+Grading+Rubrics[1] - CheckPoint: :...

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