Essay 2; Drinking Age

Essay 2; Drinking Age - Mark Mallozzi Wednesday, March 02,...

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Mark Mallozzi Wednesday, March 02, 2011 UW20: Telling Truths; Making Mythologies Please Govern Responsibly Everything is spinning you become overwhelmed by the sea of red cups and bottles that seem to have taken over the room. Your mind is racing – almost as fast as your heart thanks to that Red Bull and vodka – and you cannot make sense of what is going on. The music is still blaring out of the stereo and several people are frantically asking what you are going to do. While the rest of your senses have been reduced to next to nothing, you can unfortunately make out a distinct and unnerving smell. For a moment you forget all that is happening and can think of nothing but the smile on your parents’ faces on your first day college, the towering building that is home to your new internship and your dream career that you are well on your way to reach. This is suddenly swept away and you are brought back to the situation at hand, the situation that may very well take all of this away from you. What currently lies on your bathroom floor is only your best friend covered in his own vomit but also a representation of a choice that could revolutionize you life and the lives of those anxiously crowding around you. After a fun- filled night of beer pong and ski shots in the dorms, your friend of eight years has been violently throwing up for the last forty-five minutes and has recently begun dipping in and out of consciousness; he is clearly suffering from alcohol poisoning. What do you do? As minors, calling an ambulance would certainly submit you and your friends to legal trouble that could provide a lifelong reminder of the night that kept you from your ever so prominent future. Not calling could be worse. If you friend does need serious help, your fear of the consequences could not only cost him success in the future, but possibly his future all together. What do you do? Countless students and other young adults are faced with this impossible decision each year, and unfortunately many make the wrong choice. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reports that 5,000 underage Americans die from alcohol abuse annually, only
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1,900 of which are due to traffic accidents, leaving overdosing and other incidents to account for the other 3,100 annual deaths . Most will agree that while teen drinking will never be stopped all together, something must be done to prevent such avoidable deaths from occurring. The issue that arises is how. One proposed approach has been heavily advocated for by John McCardell, former president of Middleburry College in Vermont and founder of Choose Responsibility, a nonprofit organization he started after his observations at Middleburry became too much to bear. McCardell believes that the current laws are not doing this country justice and drastic changes
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Essay 2; Drinking Age - Mark Mallozzi Wednesday, March 02,...

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