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Bio Lab Obum Ezekwem 9/27/11 Designing the Experiment What we were testing was whether the molecular weight of a molecule would affected its rate of diffusion. Our hypothesis was: a molecule with a high molecular weight will take longer to diffuse down its concentration gradient than a molecule with a low molecular weight. To test this, we used the 2.5mM fast green dye that had a molecular weight of 808.86 Daltons and the 2.5mM of neutral red dye that had a molecular weight of 288.8 Daltons. We set up the dialysis tubing experiment for both dyes by: placing the one dialysis bags containing one of the dyes in a 400mL beaker and the other dialysis bag containing the other dye in another 400mL beaker. One
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Unformatted text preview: of the dialysis bags contained the red dye in a 1:2 ratio; meaning there was twice the amount of dye than water in the solution. And in the other bag, contained the same ration. We made sure that the bags were well submerged under water in the two beakers. After 2 minute intervals, we removed a 1mL sample of water from each beaker and measured the absorbance using the spectrophotometer. However, due to the unseen circumstance of a skewed reading from the spectrophotometer, we were not able to acquire results to support our hypothesis....
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