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CJS200 Week 5 Day 2 DQ 1

CJS200 Week 5 Day 2 DQ 1 - hurt because often someone who...

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WEEK 5 DQ 1. The biggest difference that I can point out between every day judges and television judges is that when you watch a judge on television they usually only handle small claims and small cases. Real life judges handle a lot more. They have to handle murder cases, rape, etc. You don't see that kind of stuff on television. Also I feel that the judges handling the more serious cases are often putting themselves in danger of getting killed or
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Unformatted text preview: hurt because often someone who is in trouble has friends. Being a real life judge is a lot more dangerous. There are just so many things that you do not get to see when watching the judges on television. Also television courts often do not have a jury. That is another big difference....
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