rewrite these sentences into reported speech

rewrite these sentences into reported speech - 10-have you...

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rewrite these sentences into reported speech. 1-where did you get these dress? 2-who did these dress belong to? 3-where do you buy your clothes? 4-how long have you been collecting these clothes? 5-what will you wear at the party? 6-why are you decorating the house? 7-what style do you like? 8-do you always get what you want? 9-do you have to pay a lot for a new item?
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Unformatted text preview: 10-have you got to wear them all the time? 11-did you like the silver cigarette case? 12-will your husband come to the party? 13-can you afford all these dresses? 14-are you the only one who puts on other people's clothes? 15-where you so found of clothes when you were a child?...
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