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Mel should confront Jack as soon as possible. Drinking on the job is not acceptable under any circumstances and can prove to be dangerous. In confronting Jack about drinking on the job as well as the other problems that have arisen in the last few months, Mel should not be confrontational, as this will only make the problem worse. If I were Mel, I would first ask Jack again if there is anything, he would like to talk about or maybe even why he is not feeling well. If jack confides in Mel it could make confronting the act of drinking on the job easier because he has let his guard down and shown some kind of trust. If Jack does not confide in Mel, she must still confront the fact that he is drinking on the job.
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Unformatted text preview: However, should always make it very clear that Jack can discuss with her any problem job related or personal that has driven him to such action. Hospitals often offer some type of counseling or other related services to employees who are having problems in their personal or work environment. Mel needs to offer any services that are available at this hospital that will best fit Jacks need to get through what is causing his behavior changes. Depending on Jacks reaction to being confronted about his actions and the offer of services to help him, Mel may need to give him some time off (paid or unpaid, depending the policies of this given facility)....
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