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Decision making at Quality Shoe - want to take early...

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Decision making at Quality Shoe Amber MacDade MGT/220 September 2, 2011 Ms. Andrea Benjamin 1
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After reading the problem that needs to be solved I think that Mack had a hard time figuring out what needed to be done, so he asked his employees what they would do to cut back but he avoided the decision for him to make and had the employees make it for him. If Mack had a meeting with the employees to get their input to find a solution to this problem that would be one thing but Mack just avoided the decision altogether to have the employees do his job. I feel that Mack’s approach to this problem was wrong because he avoided the process of making the decision and pawned the decision off to his employees. If I was Ralph I would collect all the facts about the problem, and see what my options would be to solve this problem. I would ask the rest of the employees what their opinions were on how to solve this problem, did any of the employees
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Unformatted text preview: want to take early retirement, if anyone wanted to find something else and not work for this company anymore, or if the employees would be willing to cut their hours. These are some of the alternatives that could be brought up. Ralph would have to ask what other employees thought about this problem and try to help find a solution if they wanted to have a say about their jobs. Then Ralph could see what the best solution would be for the company and for each of the employees. Since Mack did not want to make this decision and gave it to Ralph and the rest of the employees if he thinks it is unreasonable, he could do whatever decision he could come up with since he is the supervisor. Mack could also ask the employees why they thought this was the best solution to the problem and see what their reasons were for the solutions. 2 3...
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Decision making at Quality Shoe - want to take early...

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