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Chapter 2 The Past Present Future

Chapter 2 The Past Present Future - The Past Present Future...

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Unformatted text preview: The Past, Present, Future The Chapter 2 Past Leaders who shaped the Lodging Industry the Ellsworth Statler Ellsworth J.W. Marriott 1901 Buffalo, New York 1901 Pan American Exhibition 8 million people expected Entrepreneur Ellsworth Statler was building Entrepreneur temporary structures to house these guests… temporary Which started his fascination with the hotel Which concept! concept! Ellsworth Statler The most famous hotelier of the early 20th century century His priorities: – – – Value Guest satisfaction Cleanliness He was fascinated with ways to make hotel He operations more efficient & is credited with: operations – – – Building bathrooms back to back Minimizing expenses Providing a private bathroom in each guestroom On October 27, 1954, Conrad Hilton purchased the Statler chain for $111,000,000 chain At that time it was the largest At real estate transaction in history history J.W. Marriott Opened a 9-seat A&W Root Beer stand – Called “Hot Shoppe” – Washington, DC – Spring, 1927 Spring, His vision: His – To treat all associates with respect – Provide good customer value Provide – Provide a clean environment Provide Bill Marriott leads today Bill Created the “Marriott Way” Created His management style incorporates His – Concern for all associates – Hands-on management – Commitment to customer service Marriott International is still dominant in Marriott the hospitality industry the 1 of every 8 Americans of iis employed either directly or s indirectly because of people traveling to and within the United States United American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA) report: Association There are approximately 47,135 hotels in There the U. S. with more than 4.3 million guest rooms In 2006, lodging industry revenue totaled $133.4 billion in sales; generating over $26.6 billion in pre- tax profits. American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA) report: Association Today the average room rate will near Today $97.78 2005—average room rate $90.88 2005—average 2004—average room rate $86.23 2004—average American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA) report: Association The industry pays $177 billion in travelrelated wages and salaries related Employs 1.8 million workers Employs Past Leaders who shaped the Food Service Industries the George Augustine Escoffier George Julia Child Julia Ray Kroc Hotel kitchens in the late 1800’s & early 1900’s in Were terrible places to work – – – Long and grueling hours Poorly designed space Little air flow Commonplace for the cooks to cool off by Commonplace drinking beer drinking – Limit was no more than 3 beers / hour Alcoholism, swearing, and screaming were Alcoholism, routine Apprentices were particularly abused George Augustine Escoffier Great visionary Great Professionalized the role of chef/culinarian Created dishes that are still served a Created century later First to emphasize the need for cleanliness cleanliness George Augustine Escoffier George Reinvented the culinary profession; & Reinvented simplified cooking & kitchens simplified – Created the kitchen brigade to increase efficiency – Instead of separating the kitchen, he logically Instead organized its elements organized Partnered with Caesar Ritz and revolutionized Partnered European cuisine in the 1890’s – Opened the Carlton Hotel in London in early 1900s – Spent 20 years there managing a team of 60 Spent culinarians creating a la carte dining options culinarians Escoffier professionalized Escoffier the culinary industry the Child personalized it for the American home American Julia Child Julia In early 1960’s Child went to WGBH in In Boston to promote her book on French cuisine – Instead of just talking, she brought a hot plate, Instead eggs, and a pan to show the audience how simple it was to prepare a French omelet simple Shortly thereafter her show “The French Shortly Chef” hit American television Chef” Her kitchen is now in the Smithsonian Her Museum Museum McDonalds McDonalds In 1954, Dick and Mac McDonald of San In Bernardino, California ordered 8 multimixers from Ray Kroc, a traveling salesman salesman They told how their restaurant sold the They cheapest burgers, fries, sodas, and milkshakes in town and how people were standing in line to get their food A joint venture was formed joint McDonalds McDonalds Kroc implemented Fredrick Taylor’s principles of Kroc scientific management scientific – Fewer steps meant more customers could be served – More sales – More revenue “iif you have time to lean you have time to clean” f His values were – – – – Quality Service Cleanliness Value Value Ray Kroc is the father of fast food is His systems (detailed planning, His standardized practices, & tight controls) have been copied by restaurateurs around the world National Restaurant Association predict for 2007 predict Restaurant-industry sales: $537 billion Restaurant-industry Sales are forecast to equal 4% of the U.S. gross domestic product gross Locations: 935,000 The Restaurant Industry The Employees: Employees: – 12.8 million people – 9% of those employed in the U. S. – more minority managers than any other more industry industry Largest employer after the federal Largest government Expected to add 2 million jobs by 2017 jobs Walt Disney Walt His dream: – clean – organized organized – amusement park Disneyland Park opened in 1955 Walt became a TV pioneer, in 1954 began Walt production production Presented the first full-color programming, Presented Wonderful World of Color, in 1961 Wonderful Walt Disney is a legend Walt his worldwide popularity was his based upon the ideals of imagination, optimism, creation, and self-made success in the American tradition American 2050: A Hospitality Odyssey 2050: Mega Resorts Space travel Floating islands Others… What do you see in the future? future? 2050 A Hospitality Odyssey ...
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