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Chapter 11 Physical Plant Management

Chapter 11 Physical Plant Management - Physical Plant...

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Unformatted text preview: Physical Plant Physical Plant Management Chapter 11 Physical Plant Physical Plant Landscaping Grounds Exterior and Interior building structure Building systems Furnishings, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) Management of the Physical Plant Management of the Physical Plant Includes detailed knowledge of: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Building and system design Building and system operations Room furnishings and fixture maintenance Equipment selection and installation Equipment maintenance and repair Physical Plant Management Physical Plant Management continued 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Contract management Utilities management Waste management Budget and cost control Security and safety Contractual and regulatory compliance Physical Plant Management Physical Plant Management continued 12. 13. 14. 15. Parts inventory and control Renovations, additions and restorations Staff training Emergency planning and response Physical Plant Manager Physical Plant Manager Requires: Detailed skill level Conceptual knowledge of the industry Strong communication skills Strong understanding of the financial relationship between maintenance repair and cost Evaluation of Capital Projects Evaluation of Capital Projects Initial costs Operating costs Fixed costs Tax implications Initial Costs of Capital Projects Initial Costs of Capital Projects Concern with cost of: The item itself Installation Interconnection Modification of supporting systems Operating Costs Operating Costs Concern with cost of: Energy or water for operating Maintenance labor Supplies Contract maintenance services Fixed Costs Fixed Costs Concern with cost of: Insurance Depreciation Property tax change resulting from equipment Tax Implications Tax Implications Concern with cost of: Income taxes Tax credits Depreciation deductions Engineering systems Engineering systems 1. Water and water waste systems – Water supply – Backflow system – Storm sewer system – Sanitary sewer system – Grease separating system Engineering systems Engineering systems 2. Refrigeration systems – Compressive refrigeration system – Self­contained units – Heat pumps – Major components: Refrigerant Evaporation Expansion valve Compressor Engineering systems Engineering systems 3. Heating, ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC) Individualized units or centralized system: – Pipes – Ducts – Pumps – Thermostats – Valves Engineering systems Engineering systems 4. Power production – – – – – On­site or delivery from local utility Familiarity necessary Concerns with brown outs/black outs Guest comfort Cost effectiveness Engineering systems Engineering systems 5. Safety and security systems – Entire staff’s responsibility – Communication through staff meetings – Protection of people and assets Fire Intruders Alarms Evacuation Weather emergencies, etc. Types of Maintenance Types of Maintenance Routine: general everyday duties including litter removal, trash can emptying, leaf raking, etc. Preventive: inspections, lubrications, minor repairs, work order investigation, etc. Guestroom: several rooms a day are checked for equipment operation, HVAC filters, maintenance issues, etc. Security in Hospitality Facilities Security in Hospitality Facilities Customer awareness (traveler safety tips) Phones available in many locations Self­locking doors with deadbolts, view­ports, security chains Locking windows and sliding doors In­room safes or safety deposit boxes at front desk Security in Hospitality Facilities Security in Hospitality Facilities Key control system: “The Five Rs” – Rationale: Criteria to develop keying schedule – Records: Information about occupancy status – Retrieval: Key recovery from staff and guests – Rotation: Moving locks from room to room – Replacement: Replacing lost keys Americans with Disabilities Act Americans with Disabilities Act ADA as of 1990 Spells out reasonable accommodations to make for people with disabilities Will make your guests more comfortable Must comply with ADA laws Consultants often hired ...
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