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biller_essay1 - Kristen Biller The Varying Narration of...

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Kristen Biller The Varying Narration of Saleri Amadeus, both the written play by Peter Shaffer and film adaptation written also by Peter Shaffer, offers a narrated look into the controversial and at times mysterious life of one of the most well-known and adored classical musicians, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The overall content of both versions are quite similar but there are many drastic differences in the general feeling and style in which they were individually produced and interpreted. Among all of these differences, the most pivotal difference in my opinion would be the varied use of Saleri’s narration. Yes, both the play and film were based on Mozart and his life but the play offered a completely different vibe than the film, one that was darker, tortured and less focused on Mozart’s life and more focused on Saleri’s opinion of Mozart’s life. Saleri spent most of the film narrating Mozart’s life as if he were writing a biography of a professional colleague and/or friend. The play, while it did use Saleri’s narration at times to tell
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