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Kristen Biller Profile of Beethoven Beethoven is one of the most celebrated and talented musical figures of all time. His world-renowned compositions have made him somewhat of a “classical music rock star”. Anyone who listened to one of his many masterpieces would want to know more about the man behind the music. While the films have different plot lines, both Immortal Beloved and Copying Beethoven characterize Beethoven as intense, temperamental, and led to madness by his passion of love and his art. In Immortal Beloved his temperamental personality is shown through his passion for his brother’s wife Johanna and his rash decisions and behavior based on their relationship. Not only was she the reason he wrote his music, their relationship was also considered to be the reason he lost his mind. The key scene that highlights this occurs when Beethoven rushes to Karl and Johanna, while they are engaging in intimae activities, and breaks in blaming them of being adulterous before marriage. It could be inferred that Beethoven was simply worried about his
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