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Katie Putney Biotic Factors 1. Competition a. Definition- competition between organisms for resources. It isn’t usually in the form of a battle but by the winner being more efficient at it. b. Example- getting food or shelter. 2. Predation a. Definition- animals that are higher on the food chain seek other animals at a food source. The predators rely on the prey for food. b. Example- an alligator attacking a dog swimming in the lake. 3. Parasitism a. Definition- parasites depend on other living things for survival.
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Unformatted text preview: b. Example- leeches grab onto other organisms to suck blood for nourishment. 4. Commensalism a. Definition- the interaction between 2 species in which one benefits while the other is neither harmed nor helped. b. Example- birds making their nest in a tree 5. Mutualism a. Definition-interaction between organisms that is beneficial to both. b. Example- a remora fish eating the parasites off of sharks as they swim. Work Cited David Krogh, A Brief Guide to Biology...
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