court cases - Katie Putney September 26, 2009 Intro to...

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September 26, 2009 Intro to Education Court Cases Plyler v. Doe 1983 The educational court case Plyler vs. Doe was about requiring public schools to enroll illegal immigrants into their system as well as requiring tax payers to pay for the costs. The education laws in Texas in 1975 denied state funds for educating children who had not been legally admitted to the United States and allowed local school districts to deny enrollment these students. Texas officials had argued that illegal immigrants were not "within the jurisdiction" of the state and could not be protected under the fourteenth amendment. However, many officials believed that it was unfair for immigrants to be denied a public education. This case was decided together with Texas v. Certain Named and Unnamed Alien Children. In my opinion, if a child is not a legal citizen of the United States they should not be allowed to take advantage of our free education and make the tax payer pay for the expenses. It isn’t fair to the children whose parents pay taxes and earned the right to be in public schools. They should have to earn their rights and pay their fair part.
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court cases - Katie Putney September 26, 2009 Intro to...

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