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multiple intelligence paper - Katie Putney March 3, 2010...

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Katie Putney March 3, 2010 EDF 2085-20390 Multiple Intelligences Multiple intelligence tests ask questions about what you enjoy, the way you learn and interpret things, and your personality. Judging by your answers it determines your strengths and figures out the ways you learn the best. My results stated that my learning strengths are kinesthetic, social and self. Kinesthetic is related to body movements including; dance, athletics, motor skills and being very hands on with learning. Social is also known as interpersonal and means that I like to learn and get ideas from other people. It is also related to having good social skills and participating in group activities and discussions. Self, also referred to as intrapersonal, is described as liking to spend time alone, having a good sense about myself, and taking time to reflect on things. Learning through trial and error is also a characteristic of self learning. I believe these results describe me pretty much exactly. I’m a dancer and very athletic and prefer hands on learning. I also enjoy group projects and spending time with friends, while on the other
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multiple intelligence paper - Katie Putney March 3, 2010...

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