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Katie Putney April 18, 2010 AMH 1020 The Roaring 20’s The 1920’s was a major turning point for America. It was filled with cultural and lifestyle changes, technological advances, business growth and expansion, and the government became more powerful and influential. Prohibition was also in affect during the 1920’s and was a big influence on the culture. Despite the Great Depression at the end of the 1920’s, It is still thought of as one of the most positive time periods. It lead the way to a new life and to what America is today. The roaring 20’s is known for its immense change in culture and lifestyle. Many women began experimenting with different fashion choices. Flappers, which are women who experimented with a more free style, wore shorter dresses, makeup, the bobbed hairstyle, jewelry, and had a more vibrant personality. They were also known to be more sexual and free spirited. The 20’s thriving culture was inspirational to many. Americans, particularly women, went from a very conservative and respectful culture to a more fun loving and materialistic society. Jazz music and other styles became very popular and opened the door to many entertainers. The invention of the radio and the growing popularity of the movies influenced the entertainment industry. This allowed Americans to listen to news, kept up to date with the government, watch movies, and listen to their favorite music. Broadway also became a favorite pastime for many and featured many musicals. Often up to 50 new musicals would open up in a single season (1920-30). The 1920’s was also the start of many new “fads”. In 1924 Richard Leo Simon and Max Lincoln Schuster published their first volume, The Cross Word Puzzle
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research paper. history - Katie Putney AMH 1020 The Roaring...

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