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Western Civilization 2 is

Western Civilization 2 is - ,atitsheart,...

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Western Civilization 2 is, at its heart, a discovery of the rising question of the  rights of humans.  Analyze how that question, that debate, was played out  through our course, particularly once those questions of rights were  brought over from England to the continent.  You need to incorporate  everything you know on this large question that we have discussed throughout  the course. Do not limit yourself to just the most recent material (WW2, Cold  War, post-war), but also do not limit yourself to the earliest material  (Locke/Hobbes, Enlightenment, French Revolution).  the theories on human rights where inspired by the ideas of both locke and hobbes. these were the basic foundation for many other theories that developed throughout history. Locke’s liberal ideas were the inspiration to the declaration of independence and influenced many other aspects to the development to the American government and constitution. Locke believed in the personal right of man and that we are born without ideas and we develop them through experience. however hobbes believed in absolutism and the natural equality of man. an example of the early
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