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Important Notes (New) I will be posting information of the class at the Chemistry Department Web page: http://chemistry.cos.ucf.edu/ Then, go to Faculty and click on my name on the listing of Lecturers. There you may look at the syllabus , the schedule of the class, and Important Notes in Miscellaneous. You need to buy the Chemistry Fundamentals IA book (for CHM 2040) and Chemistry Fundamentals IB (for CHM 2041), by Pedro Patino, Kendall-Hunt, at the UCF Book Store. I recommend you to bring those notes to the classes, so you don’t need to write everything but some aspects I mention/show/write that are not in the slides. These slides are just a guide for you to study on the textbook. E-mail: [email protected] I will be sending out emails two or three times a week to inform you of the slides to be covered in quizzes and tests and the corresponding problems of the textbook that apply to those slides. I recommend you to use the MASTERING CHEMISTRY system that comes with the textbook. You need to pay to register online. It is a powerful tool for
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